Nootsi yoo xat duwasakw. Teeyhittaan nax xat sitee. Shtax’héen Kwáan aya xat.

I am a Tlingit of the Raven moiety, born and raised in SE Alaska.

In addition to this site, I also run Lingit Latseen and am a Senior Editor at Attack the System


4 Responses to Contact

  1. robert mc cormack says:

    can’t we find some one to produce a documentary about these discussting conditions. I have tried e-mailing to peple who I thought would be interested; but no reply. I am 75 and if younger would try myself.

    • Vince says:

      Here’s one regarding the Taku Tlingit and their stolen territory in British Columbia. There’s quite a few documentaries out there. You can scan through the posts on this blog to find a number of them. Maybe sometime soon I’ll tag them all so they are easier to find. Thanks for commenting.

  2. kurt kaltreider, naticoke,tsalgi, lakota says:

    Hi, where can one purchase the I will not reform tee shirt. Thanks

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