American Indian/Alaskan Native Attack the System is dedicated to a pan-tribal secession from the United States government and the establishment of truly independent and free tribal nations throughout the North American continent. In the spirit of the American Indian Movement, the Pueblo Revolt and the wars of the Great Plains we carry on the proud tradition of American Indian resistance against imperialism and genocide. We are many tribes, many nations, but all share the common American Indian experience of theft of our land, assassination of our culture, and outright murder of our people.

Our goals are:

  • Continued rebirth/growth of our respective cultures through song, dance, art, storytelling, ceremony and prayer
  • A reorganization of modern American Indian/Alaskan Native economic, social, and cultural life around tribe, clan and family. These are the societal forms that have sustained our respective peoples over thousands of years. We must embrace them.
  • A rebirth of our warrior spirit through the establishment of active, independent resistance movements on every reservation and in every village, town and city with a large American Indian/Alaskan Native population.
  • Economic independence. As proud nations of people we do not depend on others to support our poor, our elders or our children. We and only we can and will take care of our own. We are no longer wards of the state.
  • Overthrow of those tribal governments that are in the pocket of the United States government. Many, but not all tribal governments have become clearing houses for capturing federal dollars to pay bloated tribal salaries. The people who work for these tribal governments represent a privileged class among us that has no place in our traditional ways of governance.

Our enemy is the most powerful tribe on earth, the United States Government. Right now, it wages its war of imperialism with a military presence that spans the entire globe with nearly 800 admitted military bases in the indigenous home lands of millions of people. Let us not forget that this began with forts in Indian Country. We have been fighting this empire for nearly 300 years.

The battle ranges on to this date. We are proud of our warriors who have and continue to fight as soldiers for the US Government. But now it is time for us to give proper cultural context for these warriors. The battle for the survival of our people is not in the native homeland of others. That battle is in our own communities where American Indians and Alaska Natives exhibit outrageous rates of poverty, substance abuse, depression, suicide and domestic violence.

With this movement we seize control of our own destiny. This generation marks the high water mark of the empire’s war against our survival. Today we push back against our enemies, but more important, we push forward our people!

See Lingit Latseen for issues specific to my tribe, the Tlingit.

Newcomers to this site might start with the following articles, many of which are actually at my Tlingit specific blog. Also be sure to check out my interview with Keith Preston & Nahaan.


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