Battle Strategy for Red Cloud’s War

Is 4th Generation Warfare coming to Indian Country? I’ve heard rumblings of this from First Nations territory on down to the Great Plains. When a tribe goes to war (as in a true tribe, not a tribal bureaucracy) it will be decentralized, it will strike anywhere, it will be largely leaderless (no hierarchy to speak of, but lot’s of leaders on the ground moving things forward in specific operations,) there will be no battle plans beyond what a few braves scratch together in the dirt before making their move, there will be no stopping them beyond a scorched earth policy against their communities; which will only prove the point of the insurgency. This is how tribes have always fought.

Is this is a good thing or a bad thing? I only know that it is inevitable; as many of our young men out there have nothing to lose and everything to gain by burning down western civilization around us.

From Wounded Knee 2012

Battle Strategy for Red Cloud’s War

We do not restart Red Cloud’s War without considering the ramifications. The Reign of Terror when the U.S. government hunted down and killed so many who fought in the Battle of Wounded Knee ‘73.

We do not forget the pain.

So we will not fight with guns this time, unless you try to kill us, again. This time, we will use our brains and our Indian ways. And the sleeper agents. Those who no one knows are Indians in body and / or spirit.

This time we hit infrastructure.

Surgical precision strikes at stuff. And the stuff that moves stuff. And the stuff that keeps stuff moving.

Those millions of miles of fiber cable. Those thousands of miles of railroad track electronics. The huge electrical power lines that keep the economy pumping and humming.

That stuff. We take it all down.

The first step is simply to stop doing work that’s important. The maintenance undone, the sand in the gears, the leaky pipes of progress.

Then some of us. A few of us. One perhaps at first will become a hornet. A buzzing bee in the system.



About Vince

I am a Tlingit, born and raised in Tlingit Country, and a proud member of the Tlingit Nation.
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