A review of John Robb’s “Brave New War”

Jack Donovan says it all in his review of John Robb’s Brave New War: “Fourth Generation Warfare is about the people who have a beef with ‘The American Way of life’—which is really the global exportation of liberal capitalism.” He is talking about a developing form of warfare that has begun the long and very painful process of bringing a global empire to it’s knees. I have written that the US is fighting the “Injuns” in Afghanistan. US foreign policy began with forts in Indian Country, after all, and we put up a damn good fight. Do we Natives have a beef with “The American Way of Life” also known as liberal capitalism? I think that we do. Our lands, people and way of life were among the first to be thrown into it’s meat grinder. More from Donovan below.

If you still believe that the armies of nations act to protect their citizens from foreign threats, you are like a child in the world. Like a big-eyed Keane painting. National armies are mobilized to protect global business interests from disruption. They aren’t protecting you from invasion. There is no wild horde of dirty A-rabs galloping across the ocean to rape your children and stone your women. American troops are keeping the supply lines running, so that you can keep buying shit. 4GW is about the people who have a beef with “the American Way of life”—which is really the global exportation of liberal capitalism—disrupting the supply chains. They make business painful and expensive.


For anti-modernists, for anti-feminists, for tribalists and anarchists and the alternative right…there is no political way forward. Your interests conflict with the interests of the international business interests pumping millions if not billions of dollars into these television programs you call elections. The momentum of globalism is toward world governance, sexual and cultural interchangeability, increased regulation and whatever kind of bureaucratic police state resources will allow. The bonobo masturbation society. Managed entertainment, vicarious experience and the death of heroic narrative.


About Vince

I am a Tlingit, born and raised in Tlingit Country, and a proud member of the Tlingit Nation.
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