The proper reaction to “racist old sh%@bags,” in my opinion. Favorite quotes:

However, doesn’t this prescription to acquire one’s very own Designer Black Friend TM hold a mirror up to many a status-climbing limousine Lefty? Indeed, doesn’t the whole fucking article outline their mental schematics and general behaviour patterns? Perhaps a large part—or even most—of the backlash comes from those types, trying to supress the id Derb so unapologetically articulates in his piece. It wouldn’t surprise me…


The social leverage that belongs to what he calls the “intelligent well socialized black.” What he really means is “Black guys who are really polite and don’t scare me.” If you can be a black guy that doesn’t scare racist old shitbags, you have a lot of power.

I want all my non-white friends to read this. Seriously, there’s a lot of power in manipulating stuffy old white racists, and the first step to manipulation is knowledge. Here this guy is giving us a map to the gaps in his defenses.

And one more:

Thus, despite the aforementioned flaws, I find it hard to flare up in fury over the words of the Derb. If they amount to—to quote a friend of a friend—the “most absolutely-fucking-gonzo-racist thing…on the internet”, racism really has crumpled into something of a paper tiger…

MRDA's Inferno


Who would’ve thought such a mild-mannered, bourgeois Englishman could ignite such a fibre-optic firestorm?

A few weekends back, all right-thinking Left-leaners united for a hyperextended Two Minutes Hate session against one John Derbyshire, a Brit expat and paleocon pundit who occupies a comfy niche amongst America’s “alternative Right”. Turns out that the round-goggled reprobate saw fit to scribe a rather un-PC survival guide for the melanin-deficient; and, judging from the resultant comments, and the rashofresponsesfromvariousLeftyhaunts, it appears to have left many a pissed-offProgressive in its wake.

Having previously clicked and leafed through Derbyshire’s output, including his musings on multiculturalism, immigration, and racial IQ, I registered little in the way of surprise when I read the article. It struck me as something of a synthesis of his scribblings, citing crime stats and group averages to concretize another slab…

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