2011: A Year of Connections and Resistance for #NDNZ in Cyber-Space

Don’t Pay to Pray

If you look at the top 20 tweeted stories from 2011, a dark picture is painted for NDN country. Most news stories were dominated by reports of the result of 519 years of Colonization: hate crimes, police brutality, racist stereotypes, the horrors of the residential schools, reservation poverty, domestic abuse, struggles to save sacred sites, sexual oppression, struggles to save sacred sites, culturally insensitive and paternalistic media and the homicidal results of New Age frauds. But there’s another way of looking at it. 2011 was a year of resistance for NDN Country – a year of standing up to fight for the preservation of a way of life, world view and sacred spaced threated by greed and ignorance.

2011 was also a year of making connections in cyber space. Twitter was instrumental in getting the word out about what’s happening in Turtle Island and several new indigenous bloggers came on the scene to offer insight and analysis from their unique perspectives. Some of the most insightful bloggers this year were:

Censored News

Unsettling America: Decolonization in Theory and Practice http://unsettlingamerica.wordpress.com

American Indian Alaskan Native: Attack the System

American Indians in Children’s Literature (AICL)

Native Appropriations by Adrienne K. (Cherokee)

My Culture is Not a Trend

Top 20 Tweeted News Stories in NDN Country in 2011

1.) Geronimo EKIA controversy http://is.gd/CoOrSr

2.) James Arthur Ray convicted of negligent homicide in Arizona http://is.gd/QJ1J7w and http://is.gd/5nFlfC

3.) Klee Benally chains himself to heavy machinery to Save the San Francisco Peaks http://is.gd/e2ieTe

4.) Protest to preserve Glen Cove / Segora Te http://protectglencove.org

5.) The Cobell Settlement http://is.gd/S0PAb9

6.) MTV the Dudesons and racism on the Findians show http://is.gd/DcnMSm

7.) Racist bake sale http://is.gd/p9WiPK

8.) Canadian residential schools inquiries and apologies http://is.gd/eYgYGJ

9.) The Dateline report on poverty on the Pine Ridge reservation http://is.gd/bS1kG1

10.)Longest Walk III to fight diabetes among Native Americans http://is.gd/fROs9Q

11.)Leonard Peltier, political prisoner ignored by president Obama http://is.gd/qCqOVL

12.)Movement to rescind the Wounded Knee medals of dishonor http://is.gd/ppQCkL

13.)Native American protest of the XL pipeline in Washington DC http://is.gd/9m9sMU

14.)John T. Williams, deaf American Indian wood carver murdered by a police officer http://is.gd/vCN9YK

15.) Kiesha Crowther exposed as a fraud, AIM West protest in Palm Springs, CA http://is.gd/N7Bz5m http://is.gd/lSpvE6

16.)Hate crimes against Native Americans in the Southwest http://is.gd/OvxfVu

17.)(Un)Occupy / Decolonize Wall street movement http://is.gd/Wh4dub

18.)Aboriginal poverty on Canadian reserves – Donations sought for Attawapiskat http://is.gd/WOFrb4 and http://is.gd/88woEr

19.)Missing and murdered women in Canada, Aboriginal feminism, fighting domestic abuse and abolishing prostitution http://www.missingjustice.ca

20.)Protest against racist Halloween costumes http://is.gd/Y6bzOf and http://is.gd/Bh3sVq

Indigenous Tweeters on Twitter:

AboriginalPress AboriginalNewsGroup http://www.twitter.com/AboriginalPress

beadb8bybead Carrie http://www.twitter.com/beadb8bybead

BJTuininga http://www.twitter.com BJTuininga
burnssweetgrass Maria Myers http://www.twitter.com/burnssweetgrass

Cuckfuster Jim B http://www.twitter.com Cuckfuster
CreativeCrip TheCreativeCrip http://www.twitter.com CreativeCrip

debreese Debbie Reese http://www.twitter.com/debreese

DecolonizeWS Mary L Adams http://www.twitter.com/DecolonizeWS

gr8tefulred Doug Self http://www.twitter.com/gr8tefulred

Elohi_Unitsi Earth Mother http://www.twitter.com/Elohi_Unitsi

fancyshawl48917 Lucy Alvarez http://www.twitter.com/fancyshawl48917

Greenthoughtbox Theresa Marinez http://www.twitter.com/Greenthoughtbox

greyhoundgerry Gervasio Morales http://www.twitter.com/greyhoundgerry

IAMNotAMascot Simon Moya-Smith http://www.twitter.com/IAmNotAMascot

indigenousissue Peter N. Jones http://www.twitter.com

IsumaTV IsumaTV http://www.twitter.com/IsumaTV

joanie399 joan rodriguez http://www.twitter.com/joanie399

JarridSmith Jarrid Smith http://www.twitter.com/JarridSmith

loveandfriction Helen Kuveke http://www.twitter.com/loveandfriction

jpmontano JohnPaul Montano http://www.twitter.com/jpmontano

mediaINDIGENA MEDIA INDIGENA http://www.twitter.com/mediaINDIGENA

Megawitch Lynda Kitchikeesic http://www.twitter.com/Megawitch

militantoutside John Claw http://www.twitter.com/militantoutside

NATIVObserver http://www.twitter.com/NATIVObserver

mz_chief mz chief http://www.twitter.com/ mz_chief

ndeertrack Vincent Rinehart http://www.twitter.com/ndeertrack

nikkealexis Diné Bikeyah http://www.twitter.com/nikkealexis

Nishwilguno1 Terrance H BoothSr http://www.twitter.com/Nishwilguno1

OccupyIthaca Occupy Ithaca http://www.twitter.com/OccupyIthaca

Ojibray Raymond http://www.twitter.com/Ojibray

Okie Bowl (MKG) http://www.twitter.com/okiebowl

realndntm C T Harper http://www.twitter.com/realndntm

realtucsonn8tiv Maya G http://www.twitter.com/realtucsonn8tiv

redroadcollect Marie Aqiiaqwak http://www.twitter.com/redroadcollect

robohontas Robohontas http://www.twitter.com/robohontas

smartassNDN J Skenadore http://www.twitter.com/smartassNDN

squashblossomgr Irene A http://www.twitter.com/squashblossomgr

swskeptic Rose Garcia http://www.twitter.com/swskeptic

TheAngryindian Abiyomi Kofi http://www.twitter.com/TheAngryindian

tommy_hawk Tommy Hawk http://www.twitter.com/tommy_hawk

UBCIC UBCIC Union of British Columbian Indigenous Chiefs http://www.twitter.com/UBCIC

waytooindian Tom http://www.twitter.com/waytooindian

werhumanbeings Rachel in Owosso, Michigan http://www.twitter.com/werhumanbeings

WillowsHowl Jacelyn http://www.twitter.com/WillowsHowl

slow_ro RPS http://www.twitter.com/slow_ro

UpliftingWoman Sherry Dion http://www.twitter.com/UpliftingWoman

Read the rest at Don’t Pay to Pray


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I am a Tlingit, born and raised in Tlingit Country, and a proud member of the Tlingit Nation.
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