Attack the System

I’d like to address the title of this website. First off, I have an affiliation with Attack the System, an anarchist website maintained by the American Revolutionary Vanguard. The name “Attack the System” is an acknowledgement that we Native Americans and Alaska Natives have, through the course of our history, been at odds and at war with various European imperial powers on and off since the 15th century. It is an acknowledgement that this struggle continues into the present day.

Simply put, we are the native inhabitants of a land that is the home base of the greatest, most deadly empire this world has ever seen. We were among its first victims. The American Revolutionary Vanguard seeks to overthrow this empire by gathering together those demographics, populations, sub cultures, races, ethnicities, and political tendencies in North America that are under direct attack by the system. Few have been more abused by this system than we Native Americans. But this is not a pity party. This is a counter attack.

The various themes of this website will acknowledge the following:

  • American Indians and Alaska Natives have, over the course of our history, been under the rule of an imperial power.
  • Our traditional tribal structures of clan, kin and tribe have been systematically dismantled by the US and replaced by entities more familiar and friendly to the empire.
  • The empire has crushed militant, independence minded Natives (through COINTELPRO targeted at AIM and through older wars between tribes and the US before that) and incorporated upwardly mobile middle class Natives through US founded Tribal Governments, Alaska Native Corporations and public sector social service programs.
  • Despite the amount of resources that have gone toward these new tribal entities, many Native communities exhibit third world conditions. Before the coming of the white man and his empire, we were independent, self sufficient and sovereign.
  • The US Empire continues to steal land and resources from our homelands. At one time this was done overtly through outright war. Today it is done through corporate plutocracy, often with the aid of our own tribal entities.
  • Our way forward is to re-embrace our traditional tribal structures of clan and kin and pursue sovereignty at that level. This is our safety net, our economy, and the essence of who we are.
  • The tribal organizational model is difficult to defeat and is particularly effective against a centralized enemy.
  • The US Empire is in decline. As it grows weaker, it will lose its ability to maintain world dominance and will focus it’s efforts internally and continue to loot, steal and murder in Indian Country as well as the rest of America.
  • During this decline the empire will be vulnerable to the efforts of a pan secessionist alliance of regions, states, religious and ethnic enclaves, Native tribes, nationalists of any and all stripes, and lifestyle and political sub cultures.

Ultimately the survival of our people depends on our ability to organize an effect resistance movement now, before it is too late. Our tribal governments are largely dependent on the US Government for their existence, and they will either go down with the sinking ship that is the US Empire, or they will seek to ally with or set up their own totalitarian regime in a power vacuum.

The history of our respective clans, bands and tribes reaches back into an age of legends. That we are here today is testament to the strength and foresight of our ancestors. It is these qualities that have brought us through many troubled times. It is these qualities which we need now. Warriors, step forward.


About Vince

I am a Tlingit, born and raised in Tlingit Country, and a proud member of the Tlingit Nation.
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