Mongrel Patriot Review: John Trudell

From Newtopia Magazine

At the beginning of Trudell the documentary there is a quote from an FBI memo that says as much about our dysfunctional government as it does about John Trudell: “He is extremely eloquent…therefore extremely dangerous.” John is a great poet, not just because of his eloquence, not only because of his personal history (much of the tragedy of which the FBI caused), but because of the depth of his philosophy and consciousness.

John has talked for many years about how law enforcement are the security force for corporations, allowing them to take natural resources at the lowest possible economic cost but at a very high price in terms of human life and environmental destruction. If you don’t believe it, read Derrick Jensen’s books about the horrifying history of man’s war against nature you weren’t taught at school.

John reminds us the war against the natives has never stopped either, from the bullets of the cavalry and devastating poverty of the Sioux reservations, to the native deaths caused by working and living amid the toxic effects of industrialization. He points out that nuclear war isn’t just Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the depleted uranium poisoning of Iraq. It’s Three Mile Island, the deaths of miners in Navaho uranium mines, and Fukushima, too. But it isn’t a war; it’s a massacre.

Speaking truth to the hypocrisy of Christianity, John compares Christopher Columbus to a virulent virus that caused an epidemic we all are now suffering. He asks: “How did my land become someone else’s country?” He warns us of the “confined distractions of democracy.” As we all face the unprecedented environmental consequences of industrialization and globalization John Trudell’s vision wins however we react. Either we embrace his truth or his truth stands over the ruins of what we naively called civilization.

“The great lie is that it’s civilization.” John Trudell

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