Ottawa proposes first nations property ownership

Tribal Nations ought to be making such decisions on their own. That the nations of Canada and the US has the power to make this sort of decision shows that First Nations and Native American tribes are a subjugated people.

The Globe and Mail
Conservative MPs are proposing a fundamental change to Canada’s reserve system, advocating legislation that would allow natives to own private property within the communal land of reserves.

The change – recommended Wednesday in a Conservative-led prebudget report by the House of Commons finance committee – would mark a dramatic shift for individuals living on reserve. It would make it easier to accumulate wealth and to use homes as collateral when seeking bank loans to start businesses.

But the notion is likely to face stiff opposition: The Assembly of First Nations has already bristled over earlier hints that the government was planning a move in this direction.

The proposal arrives as federal aboriginal policy is coming under close scrutiny. Graphic images of poverty in Attawapiskat have cast the spotlight on shameful conditions in dozens of reserves across the country. Under political pressure, the Conservative government is sending emergency housing to the Northern Ontario reserve, but questions remain over how Canada can best address the causes of the larger housing crisis. Prime Minister Stephen Harper is preparing for a special summit with AFN National Chief Shawn Atleo early in the new year.

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I am a Tlingit, born and raised in Tlingit Country, and a proud member of the Tlingit Nation.
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