More on our Warrior Tradition

American Indians serve in the military at higher rates than others. Many tribes (including mine) plan on outlasting the US Government. We’ve seen the Spanish, the British, the French, and the Russian empires come and go from our lands. There’s no reason to believe that the US Empire will be here for ever. That said, it will extremely important for our traditional organizations of tribes, clans and bands to capture the primary loyalty of combat veterans. They will be the warriors who defend our people, our land and our way of life if and when the US Empire collapses. Read John Robb’s article below for more.


Global Guerrillas
John Robb

A Very BAD Trend. US Combat Vet Unemployment hits 30%

Here's the unemployment rate for young veterans (16.6%, for vets up to 34).   Note: from what I can tell from this Business Week analysis, they are using the weak measure of unemployment (not the one used during the Great Depression).  


Combine that with:

  • Lots of these guys are combat vets.  They are typically the least employable given their training.
  • There are many more yet to come.  Hundreds of thousands have yet to be laid off.  Big defense cuts are coming as the budget continues to gush red ink.  
  • Unemployment is going to get much worse in the next couple of years.

IF we keep going in this direction, and there's no reason to think we won't, these young men find new groups to care for them and they shift their loyalties to new gangs/mafias/cartels/militias etc. at a pretty amazing clip.  Given the danger this shift in primary loyalties represents for the future, going it alone isn't an option.  You need a community at your back.  

See:  US Military + Gangs for more


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I am a Tlingit, born and raised in Tlingit Country, and a proud member of the Tlingit Nation.
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