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My favorite military strategist talks about primary loyalties. As the US Government continues to falter and continues to fail Indian people more and more, where will our loyalties go? The fate of our respective “Tribal” Governments is tied to that of the US Government, so we know that our people’s primary loyalties cannot go there. We ought to be building strong clans and family units. Strong tribes. Tribes and clans are the organizational model that will ensure our continued survival.


By John Robb at Global Guerrillas

As of 2011, there are 1.4 m people in US gangs.  That's 40% higher than 2009 (FBI: 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment).  Why the rapid growth?  Lots of little factors, but the big driver: 17% unemployment (with treble that in areas where gangs are prevalent) and the growing illegitimacy of the current power structures.  With the ongoing deterioration of the US system, young people are going to increasingly opt to give their primary loyalty to organizations that will take care of them.  

NOTE:  a primary loyalty is any loyalty that takes precedence over patriotic loyalty.  It can be family, church/religion, gang, tribe, money, Constitution (in the case when loyalty to the Constitution is at odds with loyalty to the government), etc.  

More interestingly than simple gang growth/spread, is the increasing presence of gang members in the military (primarily the Army) and the transfer of combat skills gained in Iraq/Afghanistan to the street.  The FBI report states that 100 police jurisdictions have reported coming into contact with gang members with recent military experience. This training, gained on the battlegrounds of Iraq is extremely good.  As we have seen in the recent past, even a single man with combat experience and some weaponry can be a HUGE problem for local police.    Here's a handy chart on gangs in each branch of service.

GangMilitary1 GangsMilitary2

What to worry about…

The big worry about gangs in the US military is a repeat of what happened in Russia when the Soviet Union collapse.  When the Soviet Union collapse economically, hundreds of thousands of Soviet soldiers with fresh combat experience in Afghanistan were dumped onto the street and into the arms of criminal organizations.  This event quickly turned Russian economics into a shooting sport.  

The US, currently running a $1.5 trillion a year deficit with the spectre of HUGE cuts in the military (reduction in force) as a certainty, will dump hundreds of thousands of combat vets onto the street w/o an economy able to absorb them.  With the US economy about to start its next contraction w/o even recovering from the last one, guess what happens next…


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