Protect the Ohlone Burial and Village Site at Branciforte Creek

Protect Sacred Sites

March to City Hall from Mission Santa Cruz

Monday, September 19th
Meet 9:00am
sharp to march
Mission Plaza: 103 Emmett St. (at Mission St) beside Holy Cross Church
Santa Cruz, CA

KB Home, a housing developer, is attempting to push forward with planned construction of seven new homes on the Branciforte Creek Knoll, an ancient Ohlone village and burial site in Santa Cruz.

On Monday morning, a closed meeting is scheduled at City Hall with KB Home, the City of Santa Cruz, and Ohlone elders. We believe KB Home and the City are preparing to defy the anticipated recommendation of Ohlone elders that the entire Knoll be preserved as a sacred Ohlone site. After arriving at City Hall, we will remain outside holding a vigil for the duration of this 10am closed-door meeting, awaiting the result.

Please join us to demand:

  • That the Ohlone Elders’ requests be honored and acted upon
  • A public City Council meeting regarding the Knoll before any City decision is made
  • Permanent protection of the entire Knoll as a sacred site through a cultural easement

If you cannot make the Monday AM March, please be on alert for an emergency text-message and email announcement that will be sent out in the afternoon if the City decides to allow KB Home to proceed with development on the Knoll.

To be added to our emergency SMS contact system: please send an email to with your cell phone number.

Facebook invitation link for this demonstration (invite friends!):

For printable posters and flyers for this demonstration:

For more information and previous updates:

Thank you.

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This is a solidarity announcement, distributed by the Protect Glen Cove Committee.


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I am a Tlingit, born and raised in Tlingit Country, and a proud member of the Tlingit Nation.
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