Is the Break Up of the United States Imminent?

This is more or less the direction I see the US going. Van Nostrand mentions racial and ethnic tensions that might lead to a break up along those lines, but that certainly isn’t the only factor to consider. I imagine a number of large urban areas would maintain racial diversity. Diversity of thought, interests and culture is what makes cities strong, in my opinion. Still, regional variation in culture, physical barriers and the economic burden of maintaining such a huge empire will likely take its toll over time. We ought to count on a break up of the US happening at some point in the future.

Between now and then we ought to be strengthening our tribes, making ourselves resilient, and building truly independent tribal nations.

Riding the
by William van Nostrand

In his 1981 book, The Nine Nations of North America, Joel Garreau argues that, because of the vast differences between several parts of North America, the many national borders are irrelevant, and, that indeed, the United States and Canada are not just two nations, but nine nations. In its time, the book was hailed as a classic text on the current regionalization of North America” by American intellectuals.

Garreau’s idea that borders are essentially artificial must be taken in the proper context; they are not to be used in a sentimental sense which would make them easily appropriated by people who advocate massive immigration between nations. Quite the contrary, Garreau’s idea establishes the opposite: that in defiance of the widely-accepted idea of huge superstates encompassing many different peoples, a smaller and localized nationalism, maintaining the local character of the people is needed.


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I am a Tlingit, born and raised in Tlingit Country, and a proud member of the Tlingit Nation.
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