The 2nd Global Economic Depression and Collapse of the State

This, in general, is what I think our communities will be faced with in the next 20-50 years or so. And this, in general, is how I think we can survive and thrive. What will be your community’s source of food? Our traditional Clan, and tribal leaders will be important to maintaining order and organizing defense. We will need warriors. We will need energetic youth capable of putting together a decentralized manufacturing base and deploying emerging, DIY technology and a sustainable economy. We will need leaders who have the foresight to see this coming and can start preparing for this today.

This is our 11th hour. It is now or never.

The 2nd Global Economic Depression and Collapse of the State at Attack The System
The 2nd Global Economic Depression and Collapse of the State at The Daily Attack

Imagine: The complete collapse we all know is coming is finally here. The state’s financial and economic systems have come to a grinding halt. In order to cling to power, the state has shed any scrap of legitimacy it had and is bringing communities in line through blood in the streets, economic embargoes and maybe even the cutting of electricity and water to more troublesome communities. Some regions are ignored by the state, and bands of hoodlums, thugs, rogue law enforcement agencies and mercenaries are attacking citizens in a grab for power at the local level.

However, your band of political dissidents has been preparing. You have among your membership a network of garage manufacturing shops running off of DIY wind turbines, solar panels, and diesel generators with the capability of replicating themselves. You have a network of backyard gardens and chicken coops that can take the edge off hunger pangs, even if it can’t meet all the caloric needs of your community. You’ve organized a militia toting firearms that were legally procured prior to the collapse: shotguns, rifles and handguns. You may even have a small fleet of low cost drones fulfilling night patrol duties and tracking the movements of enemy gangs. Certainly your membership has been steadily trading in their gasoline cars for diesel run, easy to fix, resilient vehicles. You may even be producing your own biodiesel. Despite the fact that much of this activity was not cost effective prior to the collapse, your militia now has the capability of transporting food, water and troops to the people in your neighborhood.

In the midst of the crisis, leadership has emerged in your little community. A spiritual leader is guiding the community in morality in this changing world. Perhaps a former law enforcement officer is organizing local defense and acting as constable. Maybe a wise elder or panel of upstanding citizens is hearing and settling internal disputes. Some energetic youth are busy building, patching and repairing infrastructure. A few cool headed, well connected individuals are communicating with other friendly groups.

Welcome to the dawn of a post state world. This is the anarchy we have all been waiting for. When the dust settles and your little community stabilizes, it can now choose its own adventure. Will it be a commune, or a free-market libertarian network of decentralized manufacturers? A true democracy? A community guided by religious law? The will of the people? Maybe profits will be theft in your community. Maybe not. Maybe its an ethnic enclave of racial supremacists, religious fundamentalists or a LGBT homeland where gay marriage is legal. Maybe its a hedonistic society where there is no such thing as marriage and the only rules are that you don’t share needles and always use a condom. It’s likely that your community is attached to a larger district and city, so your economic stability and prosperity depends on the diversity of thought, opinion, activity and freedom that makes cities so productive. Or maybe its a lot like a middle class, suburban community of the here and now; most people just want to go to work, and come home and relax in front of the TV without thinking too much about politics or what their neighbor is up to, as long as they’re “normal” and mow their lawn.

More here from John Robb:


Global Guerrillas
D2, The Second Global Economic Depression

D2 is shorthand for the second global economic depression. It started formally in 2008, and despite a short respite over the last two years, it never left. It was only delayed by massive amounts of government intervention. It is now back in force.

D2, given the forces driving it, is going to last a decade or more. Simple prepping might help a little but it’s far from what is going to be required given its duration.

This depression will fundamentally reorder the economic, political and social landscape. When it ends, most of the global institutions and markets we see today will mere husks of what they are today.

What will replace them? That’s up to you.


Global Guerrillas
A Note for Preppers

D2 is shorthand for the second global economic depression.

Unlike the Zombie apocalypse — the complete collapse of civilization, nuclear winter, EMP wipeout, 99.99% mortality pandemics, etc. — D2 is real, tangible, and here today.

You can’t outlast D2 by stockpiling canned goods/bottled water, buying gold, or arming yourself to the teeth. It will stretch on for a decade or more.

The way to survive, even thrive, during D2 requires a different approach. It requires a vibrant and productive local economy. It requires people with the skills/equipment to contribute to it and the wherewithal to defend it if necessary.


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