Modern Demonstration of Territorial Clan Property

Over at Lingit Latseen, another article about territorial clan property, and a demonstration of how it plays out in the real world. This is applicable to other tribes that have lost common tribal territory, as well.


This is how I envision an end game scenario to clans managing and defending their own territorial fishing waters. Hand in hand with or following the the development of a de facto Tlingit Nation, we could begin controlling and managing our own territorial waters.

Foresters fight uneven battle with loggers

The gang of illegal loggers could not but laugh when three forest officials equipped with sticks challenged them on a canal under Patkostha forest camp deep in the Sundarbans.

“Hush! Don’t even utter a word,” commanded the leader of the 13-member heavily armed gang. Tying up the foresters at gunpoint, they felled trees until their three boats were full of logs.

Before leaving, the gang locked the forest officials in the hull of the latter’s boat and released the boat on the canal. They floated for five hours until they were rescued by fishermen.

This is an instance of a gang, an entity not recognized as legitimate by the state, defending its territory against incursion and regulation by the state. Likewise, our clans are not recognized as legitimate entities by the State of Alaska or the US Government. Were we to reclaim this territory, we would likewise have to defend our terriotory against incursion and regulation by the state.

Read the rest at Lingit Latseen.


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I am a Tlingit, born and raised in Tlingit Country, and a proud member of the Tlingit Nation.
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