To the Federal Government:

From Lingit Latseen

To the federal government: Your laws make us out to be criminals, yet we are guilty only of being who we always have been. Leave our native hunters, fishers and gatherers alone. We have always honored the land. We never polluted the land. Our resources returned every year because of this great respect we share with our mother. Don’t pretend, white man, as if you can better take care of her.

One look at history is all one needs to see these truths, yet your eyes refuse to see, your ears refuse to listen; your heart, where is your heart?

Do not be surprised at our actions born of rage, born of sadness, born of the long dark you put or grandparents in.

When you limit our traditional foods, you know very well you are attempting to limit our spiritual strength, and relationships with our mother. We see you plans. We see you actions. We will hunt when and where we always have. We will trade without moving dead presidents between us. We are walking away from all that you have taught us white man.

We are giving again, that we empower and enable our brothers and sisters, we are teaching our children the truth.

We are sick of the taste of your language, and the lies written in your papers. we know who we are, we know where we are, we know where we need to go.

We stand together, in solidaritry for our soveignty, beyond the reservations, beyond borders you have carved across our chests

We are praying for your early departure.

We are dancing for your early departure.

We are singing for your early departure.

We are wearing regailia as our armour. Can you see our grandparents, the stone people in eyes? You will feel them through our fists.



About Vince

I am a Tlingit, born and raised in Tlingit Country, and a proud member of the Tlingit Nation.
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