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Glen Cove – Protecting Sacred Sites

This is how it’s done! Glen Cove is a sacred gathering place and burial ground that has been utilized by numerous Native American tribes since at least 1,500 BC. Today, Glen Cove continues to be spiritually important to local Native … Continue reading

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Urban Renewal and the Destruction of American Cities

Urban Renewal at An excellent example of how the state and federal governments collude to destroy opportunity for the poor and working classes. While this example highlights the plight of the urban working class and poor, specifically African Americans, … Continue reading

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Parallel Hierarchies and Tribal Communism

Here’s an excellent article explaining how traditional tribal and clan societies are undermined through the introduction of “parallel hierarchies.” These are systems of social organization that by-pass traditional tribe and clan structures. Among American Indians this has taken the form … Continue reading

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Resilient Villages – A rough blueprint

Over at the Republic of Lakotah website, there’s a brief outline of a strategy for developing an independent network of largely self sufficient villages. 1. Joining the Republic of Lakotah isn’t about having American Indian blood, it’s about wanting freedom … Continue reading

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Clan Leaders, or corporate leaders?

Cross post from Lingit Latseen Aandeiyeen illustrates the disconnect between traditional leadership structures among the Tlingit, and their anglo inspired and sponsored leadership:Acknowledgment of clans and clan leaders protocol; evolving versus adopting I had been to a few Native Issues … Continue reading

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